9 December 2019, Solomon's Knot Charpentier Christmas Settings at St John Smith Square

Clare Lloyd-Griffiths brought light and intensity as the Pastorale's announcing Angel.

David Nice for theartsdesk.com

16 June 2018, Solomon's Knot Bach Motets from memory at St Giles Cripplegate as part of the Barbican's Bach Weekend

A big hand to soprano Clare Lloyd-Griffiths for a crystalline voice and sophisticated physical presence.

(Jon Jacobs's Thoroughly Good Blog, 5 stars)

From Bach's proto-Mahlerian mood swings to his giddy plate-spinning semiquavers and complex rhetoric, this was a dazzling performance.... Virtuosic fioritura and vivid articulation of text and musical texture were combined in a performance of prayerfulness, playfulness and uninhibited, unmediated expressiveness from eight singers and the organist Michael Papadopoulos.... Were Grinling Gibbons's carved cherubs to burst into song, they might sound like Solomon's Knot.

(Anna Picard for The Times, 5 stars)

May 2018, Solomon's Knot B minor Mass from memory at St George's Bristol

Solomon's Knot gave this much-performed repertory staple a vivifying boost, a serious kick up the baroque backside. Crisp, fresh and brimming with scintillating, crackling energy, it was like hearing the piece for the first time.

(Jamie Caddick for 365Bristol, 5 stars)

December 2017, Solomon's Knot B minor Mass from memory at St John's, Smith Square

Of all the younger groups now making waves in the field of “early music” (i.e. music before Mozart, roughly speaking), Solomon’s Knot must be the boldest. They perform with no conductor, and the singers perform from memory. In musical terms, that’s like walking a tightrope, with no safety net.

As Monday night’s performance of Bach’s Mass in B Minor showed, this high-risk strategy pays huge dividends. Normally, one’s aware that singers are only half with us, mentally speaking, as much of their attention is seized by the music in front of them. Here, the 10 singers could look us straight in the eye.

(Telegraph, 5 stars)

11 November 2016, Bampton Classical Opera at St John's, Smith Square, in the roles of The Spirit of Avon (A Lyric Ode on the Fairies, Aerial Beings and Witches of Shakespeare, Thomas Linley) and Juliet (Romeo and Juliet, Benda)

Lloyd-Griffiths, substituting at short notice ... was very well cast. She has an attractive, bright timbre that captures Juliet's youth and purity. Anne Ozorio for Opera Today

Clare Lloyd-Griffiths revealed a beautiful soprano as Juliet and the Spirit of Avon. Sam Smith for MusicOMH